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Who We Are

Established more than 10 years ago, Mindful Wing Chun is a full-time Wing Chun school located in the heart of Hong Kong. Our teachers, who have a combined total of over 60 years' experience in the art, have all dedicated their lives to Wing Chun. And the result is clear to see, in that Mindful Wing Chun has become the biggest full-time Wing Chun school in Hong Kong, which is remarkable considering that the majority of our teachers are non-Chinese!

For us, Wing Chun is a way of life! We recommend it to everyone regardless of age, gender and physical ability, because we know it can improve people’s quality of life in many ways. For this very reason, and due to huge global demand, Sifu Nima King created an online version of our school so that everyone can have the opportunity to learn this beautiful art as passed down by his teacher, Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin, who is considered one of the greatest practitioners and teachers of this art.

CST and Nima Teaching

Although our school derives from the lineage of the famous Grandmaster Ip Man, our training and teaching methods are quite different from those of other schools because of how our “internal” style of Wing Chun is unique. This internal aspect of the art makes Wing Chun much more than just an outstanding self-defence system, it also helps balance the body and mind by cultivating mindfulness and deep relaxation, leading to a pain and stress free life.

Wing Chun Training Area

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