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About Wing Chun

What is Wing Chun?

"Wing Chun is a system of Kung Fu designed for inner health and realistic self-defence."

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The History

"Our lineage here at Mindful Wing Chun can be traced back seven generations directly to Ng Mui, the founder of Wing Chun."

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The CST Method

"In CST’s point of view, without correct understanding and ability in Siu Nim Tao, one is not able to bring forth the internal power and reach a high level in the art."

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The Principles

"Wing Chun is a perfect tool for both mental and physical training."

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The Forms

"There are 6 Forms in Wing Chun: 3 empty hand Forms, 2 weapons Forms and the Wooden Dummy Form."

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Self Defence

"Simply stated, with Wing Chun you’ll be able to defend yourself effectively and quickly, regardless of your size, strength, age or gender"

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The Health Benefits

"The uses of Chinese Kung Fu have been prescribed by Chinese traditions for overall internal and external health."

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Wing Chun Training Area

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