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Chum Kiu Explained by Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin

Literally, Chum Kiu when translated is the method of how to deal with the opponent’s wrists once in contact. In other words, Chum Kiu is the form applicable to fighting. If the theory of Chum Kiu is analysed carefully, it is the acme of the forms. The purpose of Wing Chun’s Chum Kiu is to...


Siu Nim Tao Explained by Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin

Siu Nim Tao is the basic form of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It comprises of three specialties: (1) No need to exert force; (2) It possesses the strongest structure with the minimum use of energy; (3) It induces the release of mind force from a person. Learning Siu Nim Tao is divided into three...


Chu Shong Tin and Realistic Fighting

“The best defense is a good offense.” Paraphrased by Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, George Washington and now Chu Sheung Tin. I had not seen this video before and really appreciate seeing it now. It reminds me of a story CST told me when I first started to learn from him. It was told through...


Training With a Kung Fu Legend

The beginning of a Kung Fu movie type of life, and the birth of Mindful Wing Chun! The first time I met Chu Shong Tin (CST) was in 2003! I had already been an instructor at a Wing Chun Academy in Sydney owned by Jim Fung – a senior students of CST - for a few years and had only heard stories...


Siu Nim Tao as a Mindfulness Exercise

As a beginner in wing chun, I would like to share my experience as a long-time mindfulness practitioner and teacher with you all and wonder if others have had a similar insight. It occurs to me that I am getting something from Wing Chun that I never got from vipassana or Zazen. It seems to me...


Sifu Nima King's Brief Description of the Siu Nim Tao Form

Siu Nim Tao is the first and fundamental form of Wing Chun, and its name can be translated to little idea. This implies that its practice relies mainly on developing a particular state of mind which we can call ‘Nim Tao’. The ultimate goal of this practice is to initiate every movement with ‘Nim...


A feature of Sifu Nima King in the SCMP

What is your age, Wing Chun style/specialty? I’m 35 and am the head Sifu of Mindful Wing Chun, one of the largest WingChun schools in Hong Kong. Who and what inspired you to learn Wing Chun? Being a teenager living in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, getting into fights at school and...


A interview of Sifu Nima King by university students for a project.

How important is martial arts to Hong Kong? In some ways that aspect the culture is getting lost in Hong Kong and China so it’s very important. The internal arts especially are very important as the majority of people in Hong Kong work too much so need to balance it out with internal...


A transcript of a Podcast with Sifu Nima King as a guest.

1. How and when did you discover Wing Chun? Rough neighbourhood and trouble at school, 1998, yellow pages. 2. What is Wing Chun to you? What keeps you going? Wing Chun for me has become a way of life. Firstly, it has changed my relationship with the inner workings of my mind so that I have...


An interview of Sifu Nima King by the 'Martial Man'

Could you explain what it was like learning from Grandmaster CST and how the classes were structured For me it was like being in a movie (being 21 and training in his living room). For me it was a life changing experience and it totally flipped my understanding of Wing Chun.In ‘oz’ I trained...


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